After years of lies, oppression, desecration of the burial sites, the Soviet authorities admitted to carrying out the Katyn Massacre. The truth regarding Katyn can be a warning to us all, as well as an experience which unites nations who have also been subjected to the atrocities of Soviet totalitarianism.  

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On 26 October 1940, a total of 125 NKVD officers were rewarded by Lavrenty Beria for a ‘successful execution of special tasks’, but the number of perpetrators of the Katyn Massacre is undoubtedly much higher. The Russian Federation discontinued the investigation, it has not identified all the perpetrators until today and has not even symbolically condemned those who were guilty.

The lie

Bykivnia became the burial place for prisoners from the so-called Ukrainian Katyn list, containing 3,435 names. The documents of the crime, the results of exhumations and investigations serve as a weapon in the fight against the so-called ‘Katyn lie’. The lie which accompanied the Massacre from the very beginning and still persists today.

Listen to the voices

Stefan Śnieżko

General Prosecutor of the Republic of Poland

Read by Maria Niklińska

Vasyl Symonenko

"The prophecy of 1917"
(translated by M. Bohachevsky-Chomiak)

Read by Artem Manuilov

Vladimir Gavrischuk

Excerpt from the testimony of 19 May 1989

Read by Ian McQuillan-Grace

Przekazanie dokumentów katyńskich

Statement by the TASS Agency

Read by Jodie Baltazar

13 April 1990, Moscow