The crime was planned and carried out with precision and attention to detail. It was the product of a ruthless political project within a system where human life had no worth. Governmental documentation and eyewitness accounts have made it possible to investigate the anatomy of the crime.

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Death pits

The bodies of the Victims were taken by truck to the NKVD summer resort facility in Kalinin. The place already had pits, several metres deep, previously dug with an excavator. Approximately 250 bodies were buried in a single pit. At least 6,295 Polish POWs are buried in the cemetery in Mednoe.

The killing

In April and May 1940, the POWs of the Ostashkov camp were brought in groups to the NKVD internal prison in Kalinin (Tver). Executions were carried out at night. One by one, the POWs were taken to a room where they were asked to state their name and occupation. Then, with their hands cuffed, they went to meet their death – a gunshot in the back of the head in a small underground cell.

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Bronisław Młodziejowski

From the report of the probing and exhumation investigation in Mednoye

Read by Maria Niklińska

Dmitry Tokarev

From the report of the interrogation of the former head of the NKVD Directorate of the Kalinin Region

Read by Ian McQuillan-Grace

Ivan Yurasov
commissar of the Ostashkov camp

Political report

Read by Rita Raider

zdjęcie notatki Ławrientija Berii do Józefa Stalina

A note from Lavrentiy Beria to Joseph Stalin

5 March 1940

Read by Vergil Smith